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From our family to yours

About Wright Family Products​ 

Our entire health “crusade” began when I asked my husband, Kevin, if he wanted to run a half-marathon together to help decrease his cholesterol. I never thought in a million years he would say yes – but he did! We ran our first half marathon in January 2011 in Miami, Florida and have been running ever sense. After a few half marathons, we began “competing” (or should I say finishing) mini triathlons. We were swimming, biking and running 5-6 days/week and life was grand.

With the increase in exercise we realized we needed to be nourishing our bodies correctly to maximize our training and “competing.” We had heard others talk about eating “clean” and to be honest, I thought they were crazy! How could I ever give up my ¼ cup of sugar in my hot tea every morning, not to mention my precious Oreo addiction? Basically, I worked out so that I could eat more “unclean” items filled with sugar, sugar, and more sugar. However, we had several other people in our lives that had jumped on the “clean” eating wagon and were saying how amazing it was – SO – we committed to the 80/20 rule – because that was literally all I could handle without having a breakdown. The thought of giving up my occasional Oreo was frightening, at best. I am happy to say that we have been eating “clean” most of the time now, and we, too, love it! We feel so much better knowing what is going into our bodies.

In 2016, I received my doctorate in nursing. My education and background as a nurse, as well as being a certified nurse educator, has blessed me with the knowledge needed as we created Wright Family Products. Having an increased awareness of knowing what goes into our bodies is what led us to this “crusade” of organic personal care products, especially since skin is the largest organ in our body and absorbs EVERYTHING that goes on it. Previously, my shower had TONS (Kevin might even claim I had an addiction) of commercially prepared lotions and body oils. One day I was in the shower and counted almost a million ingredients (perhaps a slight exaggeration) in the body lotion I was getting ready to put all over my body. NO THANK YOU! From that day forward, we have been making our own organic personal care products which include our lineup of soaps and lip balm offered on our website. We even make our own body butter, face wash, face lotion, shaving butter, and many other personal care products – all of which we LOVE – and know exactly where they came from and what is in them.

For all of the benefits of using organic personal care products, but without the hassle of making them yourself, feel free to indulge in our family’s hard work in making quality handmade personal care products that we hope you too, will love!

Dr. Valerie Wright 

(Our logo was designed specifically for Wright Family Products by Shania's Photography. Each leaf represents a member of our immediate family, including a leaf for Shania (Caleb's wife) and Valerie's twins, Joey and Callie, who passed away in March of 2006 and are dearly missed. Also, if you look closely, you will see John 3:16 down the trunk of the tree. We believe that God is the core (trunk/roots) of all that we do in living our lives, and we wanted our family business to be no different. God has blessed us with this amazing opportunity and we hope to be a blessing to others as well.)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable and natural alternatives to commercially produced personal care products.

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